Rania Hassan, PhD
Cairo University
phone: +201152640062
Name: Rania Hassan
Date of Birth: January 10, 1976
Nationality: Egyptian
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
November 2011- University of Edinburgh-UK
Doctor of Philosophy, College of Humanities and Social Science
Thesis Title: Identity Construction in post-apartheid South Africa: The Case of the Muslim Community.
March 2005 Cairo University- EGYPT
MSc African Studies, Institute of African Research and Studies
Thesis Title: The French Foreign Policy towards Africa after the Cold War.
June 2001- Cairo University- EGYPT
Postgraduate Diploma in African Studies, Institute of African Research and Studies
June 1998- Cairo University- EGYPT
BSc political science, Faculty of Economics and Political Science
Lecturer December 2011- Present
Department of Politics and Economics, Institute of African Research and Studies,
Cairo University
Responsibilities include: designing and co-teaching two courses namely: African Foreign Policy Analysis for PhD
Resume: Rania Hassan, PhD
students and Africa in World Politics for Msc students. I was a member of the steering committee of the Capacity
Building Forum; a division within the institute which offer capacity building training to NGOs staff , officials with
special focus on North and East Africa.
Lecturer November 2012- August 2013
Center For African Studies, Addis Ababa University
Responsibilities include: teaching two courses namely: Current Debates on Democracy and Development,
and Research methodology. In addition to teaching responsibilities I provided advising for four MSc
students working on a wide range of topics.
I also designed two modules on Culture and Society in the Middle East and Identity Dynamics in the
Middle East, which will be part of a new MSc Program in Middle Eastern Studies.
Tutor 2008-2009
Department of Politics- School of Social and Political Studies, University of
Responsibilities include: giving tutorials to honors students, marking their essays and giving them feedback.
Courses I tutored include Africa in world politics.
Associate Lecturer 2005-2006
Department of Politics and Economics, Institute of African Research and Studies,
Cairo University
Responsibilities include: giving tutorials to post-graduate students. Courses I tutored include: Research
Methodology, Introduction to African Politics.
Teaching Assistant
Department of Politics and Economics, Institute of African Research and Studies,
Cairo University
Responsibilities include: organizing a reading group for MSc students, coordinating training courses and other
activities of the African Student Training Program; a program dedicated to building the capacities of African
Students in Egypt.
I have been part of a number of collaborative research projects; some of them have been conducted as
multidisciplinary projects between different departments at Cairo University, while others were
conducted in collaboration with researchers affiliated to different foreign universities.
My publications include:
June 2013. CEWARN New Strategy: Implications for the current and emerging conflicts in Sudan and
South Sudan. African Security Review. 22:2, 26-38
2010. Muslims and the State in South Africa, in Islamic Movement in South Africa (Dubai: Al-Mesbar
Studies and Research Centre).
2005. The French Role in Promoting Democratization in Africa, The Proceedings of the Annual
conference of the department of politics and economics- Institute of African Research and Studies- Cairo
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Resume: Rania Hassan, PhD
2005. The Impact of Global and Regional Factors on Regional Integration Efforts in Africa in African
Regional Integration: Perspectives and Prospects, the Proceedings of the first AFRISP International
Conference for early career researchers on African affairs.
2002. Civil Wars in Africa: The Roots, in Al-Bayan (issue 181)
2002. The African Union: A Step towards an African Collective Work, in Al-siyassa Al-Dawliya
(Cairo:Alahram foundation, issue no. 150).
2000. Marcus Garvey: The Return to Africa, in African Perspective (Cairo: vol.1, Issue3)
9-13 May 2005
Africa Regional Methodological Workshop on Social Sciences. The theme of the workshop was: Fields and
Theories of Qualitative Investigation.
16-17 April 2005 CAIRO- EGYPT
International conference on ‘African Regional Integration: Perspectives and Prospects. I Presented a paper on the
‘impact of global and regional factors on regional integration in Africa’.
28-30 June 2002
Member of the Egyptian delegation to the international conference on ‘African Development: Youth take
the lead’
21-24 July 1999
Member of the Egyptian delegation to the international conference on ‘The role of youth in solving African
I have attended a number of training courses and programs both at Cairo University and the University
of Edinburgh. These courses covered a number of themes and topics such as: Thinking Skills (2005),
Research Methods (2005), Time Management (2008), Effective Presentations (2008), Effective Writing,
(2009), Quality Standards in Teaching (2011), Student Evaluation (2011), Legal and Financial Aspects in
University Environment (2011), Use of Technology in Teaching (2011).
I have excellent computer and IT skills.
Languages: Arabic (native), English (Fluent), French (very good)
DR. ANDREW LAWRENCE, Vienna School of International Studies, Department: Political Science and
International Relations. E-mail: Andrew.Lawrence@da-vienna.ac.at.
PROF. MOHAMMED ASHOUR, Professor of African Politics, Institute of African Research and Studies-
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Resume: Rania Hassan, PhD
Cairo University. Department of Politics and Economics. E-mail: ashour2001@hotmail.com,
PROF. MOHAMMAD HASSEN, Professor of Multicultural Studies, Center for African Studies, Addis Ababa
University. E-mail: selammhd@gmail.com
PROF. PAUL NUGENT, Director of African Studies (School of Social and Political Science)- Edinburgh
University; Professor of Comparative African History (School of History, Classics and Archaeology). E.mail:
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